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Detailed description :Art lovers

The Louvre Class

Director(s): Juliette Senik

For a number of years now, a Paris high school (the Lycée Bergson, in the 19th arrondissement) has offered what is known as the "Louvre Class," which has a privileged relationship with the museum. In addition to art lessons, other subjects on the syllabus (French, English, Italian, etc.) feature the study of paintings in the Louvre, and the students also attend lectures at the museum itself. Juliette Senik's documentary observes this class throughout a school year, both in the classroom and at the Louvre. At the beginning of the year, the Louvre's rather rigid lecturers and the unruly, apathetic students form a striking contrast, but the project takes shape as time goes by: an artist comes to the school to talk about the creative process, the teachers continue to encourage verbal expression, and a trip to Rome further bonds the group and strengthens motivation. The initially intimidated students gradually acquire a certain competence, and the film, which focuses on certain teenagers (Fanta, Hugo, Barney, Thomas), gives shape, color, and substance to the process of artistic awakening.






52 minutes


Serge Lalou, Les Films d’Ici ; Catherine Derosier-Pouchous, Musée du Louvre, avec la participation de France 5

DVD edition

Regards sur le Louvre – Vol. 4 : "Transmettre" (ADAV)

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