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Detailed description :Art lovers

For the Love of the Louvre

Director(s): Yves Peretti (de)

Who are the members of the Louvre's Society of Friends? How are decisions made by the Board of Directors? How do the curators work? What links exist between art collectors and the various players in the art world? This film sets out to answer these questions by recounting the story of the most recent donation to the Louvre (at the time of filming): Jacques-Louis David's Portrait of Juliette de Villeneuve. It follows the progress of the donation, from its official approval by the Board of Directors to its presence at the exhibition entitled "Des Mécènes par Milliers," organized to celebrate the Society's centenary.






52 minutes


Serge Lalou, Les Films d’Ici ; Pierre Coural, Musée du Louvre


Société des Amis du Louvre, Paris Première, La Cinquième

DVD edition

Regards sur le Louvre – Vol. 3 : "Pour l’amour du Louvre" (ADAV)

Commercial distribution

Europe Images International

Non-commercial distribution

Ateliers Diffusion Audiovisuelle (ADAV)