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Detailed description :Art and history

The Battle of the Pyramid

Director(s): Frédéric Compain

On the occasion of its 20th anniversary, this film looks back at the genesis of the Louvre Pyramid. It is based on notebooks kept by architect Yann Weymouth (the closest collaborator of Grand Louvre architect Ieoh Ming Pei) during the eight years it took to complete the project. These notebooks—a day-by-day compilation of sketches, collages, and personal notes—tell the story of the great architectural project initiated by the late French president François Mitterrand. Craftsmen, curators, site foremen, and politicians give frank, personal accounts of the conception and troublesome progress of the pyramid project, and recount the saga of its construction.

Bonus: an exclusive interview with I.-M. Pei entitled "Memories in movement" (four 5-minute modules). At the age of 91, the great Sino-American architect remembers… He talks about the Pyramid and the Grand Louvre in the company of Yann Weymouth and Stephen Rustow (two of his most important collaborators), and his son Didi, who is also an architect. Portfolio of photos of the pyramid's construction.


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86 minutes

DVD edition

Catherine Derosier-Pouchous, Musée du Louvre

Adrienne Frejacques, Anne Pradel, Arte Éditions

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