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Detailed description :Art historians

Jean-Philippe Lauer, Journey to Saqqara

Louvre Interviews series

 These films are designed as encounters—with people, ideas, methods. […] They use the means of cinema—its ability to evoke the past, and often even the invisible—to bring the viewer face to face with the art historian. (Michel Laclotte, former Director of the Musée du Louvre.)

Director(s): Nick Quinn

Architect-archaeologist Jean-Philippe Lauer arrived at the Egyptian site of Saqqara for the first time in 1926. Some seventy years later, he continues to survey, explore, scrutinize, and analyze the pyramid of the pharaoh Djoser, the earliest known stone structure in the history of architecture and the first Pharaonic tomb in the form of a pyramid (circa 2700 BC). Rather than a stilted, traditional-style interview, the film is a warm and sensitive portrait of Jean-Philippe Lauer, who paints a lively picture of Egyptology. Filmed for the most part at the Saqqara site in Egypt, it includes many archive images.






52 minutes


Gédéon Programmes ; Musée du Louvre

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