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Detailed description :Art historians

Federico Zeri, the Occhio

Louvre Interviews series

 These films are designed as encounters—with people, ideas, methods. […] They use the means of cinema—its ability to evoke the past, and often even the invisible—to bring the viewer face to face with the art historian. (Michel Laclotte, former Director of the Musée du Louvre.)

Director(s): Eduardo Gregorio (de)

The title of this film—"The Eye"—was inspired by Federico Zeri's reputation as an expert with an infallible eye, whose judgments have always been awaited with interest and trepidation. In these interviews with Pierre Rosenberg (then chief curator of the Department of Paintings at the Musée du Louvre), Federico Zeri gives a lively account of his youth and studies in Rome, his passion for the Roman capital, and his travels in the United States, where he worked as an advisor to a number of great collectors. Presented with photographs, he plays the game of identification and adds his personal comments. "I don't like objects...," says Federico Zeri, "I like them to remind me of things."






55 minutes


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