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Pierre Soulages, A Visit to the Louvre

Director(s): Jean-Noël Cristiani

This film follows the artist Pierre Soulages on a visit to the Louvre to see a work that he has treasured since he first discovered it at the age of 17: The Virgin in Majesty, by Cimabue. In front of the painting, he expresses his thoughts on creation, on the "space" and "breath" of the painting… He sees the work of art as a "fraternal presence," and the artist as an acquaintance who reaches out across the ages… Pierre Soulages gives a lesson on painting through the filter of his perception, his subjectivity, and his passion.






26 minutes


Françoise Dumas, Institut national de l’audiovisuel


La Cinquième, Musée du Louvre

DVD edition

Regards sur le Louvre – Vol. 6 : "Trois artistes contemporains au Louvre (Soulages, Barceló, Kiefer)" (ADAV)

Commercial distribution

Institut national de l’audiovisuel

Non-commercial distribution

Heure Exquise

Images de la Culture – CNC

Ministère des Affaires étrangères – Cultures France

Ateliers Diffusion Audiovisuelle (ADAV)