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Detailed description :Artists and artworks

David's Napoleon: the Coronation of the Image

Director(s): Patric Jean

Scientific advisor(s): Sylvain Laveissière

December 1804. Napoleon Bonaparte commissioned Jacques-Louis David, the greatest painter of the day, to produce four monumental paintings to commemorate his coronation as emperor. Only two were painted, the first of which is the more famous. This film shows how art and propaganda combined to serve the power and legend of Napoleon Bonaparte; it was made on the occasion of the exhibition "The Coronation of Napoleon Painted by David" (Musée du Louvre, October 21, 2004–January 17, 2005), curated by Sylvain Laveissière.






52 minutes


Esther Hoffenberg, Lapsus Production ; Catherine Derosier-Pouchous, Musée du Louvre ; en association avec France 5, avec le soutien du ministère des Affaires Etrangères

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