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Detailed description :Art history

The Eagle of Abbot Suger

Art Investigation series

 The "Art Investigation" series sets out to solve the mystery of nine works of art in the Musée du Louvre. In what context and circumstances were they made? Who shaped their destinies? How did they come into being… and how did they arrive at the Louvre?

Author(s): Françoise Docquiert

Director(s): Laurence Thiriat

Scientific advisor(s): Elisabeth Antoine

The vase known as "Suger's Eagle" belonged to the treasury of St. Denis—one of the most remarkable in Christian history. Made from an antique porphyry vase mounted in the shape of an eagle, the vase was one of the art treasures handed down from antiquity to medieval Europe and transformed to be used as a symbol of power.






26 minutes


Patrick de Carolis, Éclectic Production, avec la participation de France 5, Musée du Louvre

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