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Detailed description :Art history


La vie cachée des oeuvres

Editor(s) of the series: Stan Neumann

 Concept: Choose a great painter in the collections of the Louvre Museum. Unhook all his pictures from the walls. Them out of their frames, put them on an easel at eye level, to gather them all in one room. Bringing worldwide curators, historians, conservators, scientists - the leading experts of the painter's work and meet in the room with the works for two days. Let them study and discuss freely. Thus the viewer invited to join the heart of these encounters, discovers the latest research, observing scientists, art historians and international experts who question from the latest technical studies by laboratory Museums of France.

Director(s): Stan Neumann

Scientific advisor(s): Sylvain Laveissière

The Louvre Museum has acquired a new version of La fuite en Egypte, de Nicolas Poussin, to the Museum of Fine Arts of Lyon. 
There is another Fuite en Egypte attributed to the artist by the most eminent specialists.
The question of the authenticity of one of the two tables divides art historians. But sometimes, surprisingly, the answers are coming from legal battalions that are resisting to the deallocation of a work.






43 et 52 minutes


François Bertrand, Camera Lucida Productions ; Catherine Derosier-Pouchous, Musée du Louvre


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