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Detailed description :Art history

La main tendue

Director(s): Richard Copans

Scientific advisor(s): Sophie Makariou

Synopsis: The Louvre Museum asked architects Rudy Ricciotti and Mario Bellini to design an audacious building in the Cour Visconti, to house the Department of Islamic Arts.  The result, which is like "an outstretched hand" between the arts of the West and those of Islam, was opened in 2012. Both the architectural setting and the collections of objects bear witness to the diversity of Islamic civilizations.


Echoing these collections, this film takes us to Agra, Istanbul, Cairo and Cordoba, back to ancient dynasties and faraway empires. It documents the richness and the opportunity to dream, now accessible to the public at the Louvre's new treasure chest in its sumptuous exhibition space, topped with a" butterfly wing".




52 minutes


Serge Lalou, Les Films d'Ici ; Catherine Derosier-Pouchous, musée du Louvre


Arte France

Commercial distribution

Les Films d’Ici

Non-commercial distribution

Heure Exquise