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Detailed description :Art history

Francisco Goya, or Lucidity

Artists series

 The "Artists" series is an introduction to the lives and works of great masters of painting. Each film presents a particular painter, and takes an enjoyable and instructive look at the sources of modernity in art.

Director(s): Jean-Paul Fargier

Goya's paintings range from bright and cheerful scenes depicting the everyday lives of the Spanish to strange, sinister, and disturbing works—the "black paintings" of his last period. Between the former and latter periods, Goya became deaf and ceased to paint. This film studies his paintings, drawings, and engravings, and investigates the possible reasons for the metamorphosis that turned the painter of the King's Chamber, precursor of modern painting, and fabulous portraitist into an implacable witness to the atrocities of his time.


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26 minutes


Esther Hoffenberg, Lapsus Production


Réunion des Musées Nationaux, La Cinquième, Musée du Louvre, avec la participation du Ministère de l’Education Nationale

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