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Detailed description :Etruria / The ancient east

The Etruscans, an Interrupted Voyage

Director(s): Bernard George

In February 1999, a pile of ancient amphorae was recovered from the sea off the Giens peninsula (in the Var region of France). Archaeologist Luc Long is categorical: they are Etruscan amphorae, dating from the late 6th century BC when the Etruscans ruled a large part of the Mediterranean, forming what the Greeks and Mesopotamians considered the only nucleus of "civilization" in the barbarian West. However, very few tangible or written traces of Etruscan maritime supremacy have come down to us.

Filmmaker Bernard George follows the underwater excavations of Luc Long and his team, observing the finds they make and the questions that arise. He shows their scientific research at sea, highlighting the technical material they use as they dive, film, sketch, and elaborate hypotheses as to the provenance and destination of the cargo of amphorae. The film of the excavations, interspersed with shots of Etruscan frescoes and objects commented on by academics and curators, sheds new light on the history of an entire civilization that was long eclipsed by the Roman conquest.


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52 minutes


Stéphane Millière, Gédéon Programmes


CNRS Images Médias, ARTE France, Musée du Louvre

Selections / Awards

Excellence Award, Amiens Archaeological Film Festival, 2003; Bronze World Medal Award, Humanities, New York Film Festival, United States, 2003; Selected for the "Vedere la scienza" festival, Bologna, Italy, 2004; Selected for the Teleciência festival, Vila Real, Portugal, 2002; Selected for the International Archaeological Film Festival of Rovereto, Italy, 2002

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