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Detailed description :Egypt

When the Egyptians Sailed on the Red Sea

Author(s): Stéphane Bégoin, Flore Kosinetz

Director(s): Stéphane Bégoin

Scientific advisor(s): Cheryl Ward

American archaeologist Cheryl Ward, a world specialist in ancient navigation, coordinates the construction of a replica of an Egyptian ship from the New Kingdom. The design is based on a bas-relief in the temple of Deir el-Bahari in Luxor, showing a fleet of five ships (chartered by the pharaoh Hatshepsut in 1500 BC) arriving at the wonderful and distant land of Punt. The team of archaeologists intends to make the same voyage on the replica ship to prove that the Egyptians were a seafaring people. The film follows the adventurous project, and sheds new light on the reign of the great queen Hatshepsut.






Two cuts, 52 and 90 minutes


Valérie Abita, Sombrero & Co


Arte France, Nova wgbh, BBC, NHK; Musée du Louvre, avec la participation de Planète, Planète Thalassa, SBS, RTBF, TSR, ORF

Selections / Awards

Grand Prix of the 10th archaeology film festival of Amiens, 2010
Prize of the audience of Cinéarchéa at the International Archaeology Film Festival of Kiel, 2010
Grand Prix of the 8th International Archaeology Film Encounters of Athens, 2010
Prize of the audience during the “Archaeology Channel International Film and Video Festival”, Oregon (USA), 2010

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