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Detailed description :Egypt

The Lighthouse of Alexandria, the Seventh Wonder of the World

Author(s): Stéphane Millière

Director(s): Thierry Ragobert, Andrew Snell

In Egypt, the construction of a dike in the bay of the ancient city of Alexandria threatened to bury the underwater remains of the famous lighthouse for ever. In 1995, the Egyptian Supreme Council of Antiquities appointed Jean-Yves Empereur—a specialist in the Hellenistic period—to excavate the area, together with Egyptologist Jean-Pierre Corteggiani. The film tells the story of this rescue operation, and highlights the work of the underwater archaeologists, who locate pieces of the lighthouse and recover a statue of Ptolemy II from the sea. The seventh wonder of the world was then "recreated" using computer graphics.


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54 minutes


Stéphane Millière et Max Soussana, Gédéon Programmes


France 2, BBC, NOVA/WGBH/Boston, Elf Aquitaine, Musée du Louvre

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16 awards and special mentions at international festivals

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