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Detailed description :Egypt

In the realm of Meroe: Mouweis, a city under the sand

Director(s): Stan Neumann, Catherine Adda

Scientific advisor(s): Michel Baud, avec le soutien d'Aminata Sackho-Autissier

Synopsis: A team of French archeologists from the Louvre museum discovers in Soudan the remains of a royal egyto african city, covered in sand. This discovery pleads for a civilisation much more urban than what was thought until now. Two thousand years ago was found here one of the cities of Meroe'realm, a nubian kingdom stroungly influenced by Egypt, but at the same time completely rooted in Africa. Of this kingdom we know the great necropolis and the beautiful pyramids. As for the rest few is known. Meroe's history is still to unveil, its language to understand. The great city of Mouweis buried in the sands will perhaps offer keys to the comprehension of this great African kingdom.




52 minutes


Sylvie Gautier, Camera Lucida Productions ; Catherine Derosier-Pouchous, musée du Louvre ; avec la participation de France 5

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