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Detailed description :Egypt

Alexandria the Magnificent

Director(s): Thierry Ragobert

One year after the underwater excavation at the site of the Lighthouse of Alexandria, the Egyptian city is the scene of another major archaeological discovery: Jean-Yves Empereur and his team find remains of the Necropolis, or "city of the dead." This documentary, constructed like an adventure film and shot in extraordinary locations, follows the unpredictable developments of the research work, and testifies to the problems faced by archaeologists and their constant fear of interruption.


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52 minutes


Stéphane Millière, Gédéon Programmes


France 2, Elf Aquitaine, Musée du Louvre

Selections / Awards

Award for the best scientific film in French at the Téléscience Festival in Montreal, 1998; Quebec City Award at the Téléscience Festival in Montreal, 1998

DVD edition

« Alexandrie », Arte Éditions

Commercial distribution

Europe Images International

Non-commercial distribution

Ministère des Affaires étrangères – Cultures France