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Since its creation in 1793, the musée du Louvre has always strived to promote exchange and dialogue: with our millions of international visitors, of course, and with the outside world through the exhibitions and operations we initiate on every continent. For a 21st-century museum is not just an institution in which to see works of art: it must also be a vibrant and creative place.
Henri Loyrette, Director of the Musée du Louvre

"Face" received two awards during the Filmart from the ASIAN FILM AWARDS :
Artistic direction/Set award and costume award.

The DVD of FACE and FLOWER IN THE MIRROR is to be issued on May the 20th in stores and on-line at

Today's spotlight

The Louvre: Art for Kids, with Pef

Director(s):  Gallimard Jeunesse

Mona and Leo, two rascally characters created by author-illustrator Pef, have been left to their own devices at the Louvre. They play tricks on the artworks, and take young viewers on an amusing and instructive tour of the world's greatest museum. With its audio commentaries, tools for observing the artworks, 60 animated drawings, 150 amusing...

The Louvre: Art for Kids, with Pef


American archaeologist Cheryl Ward, a world specialist in ancient navigation, coordinates the construction of a replica of an Egyptian ship from the New Kingdom. The design is based on a bas-relief in the temple of Deir el-Bahari in Luxor, showing a fleet of five ships (chartered by the pharaoh Hatshepsut in 1500 BC) arriving at the wonderful and distant land of Punt. The team of archaeologists intends to make the same voyage on the replica ship to prove that the Egyptians were a seafaring...